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TWC, in partnership with Public Interest, Greg Suttor Consulting and consultant Deb Ballak, was hired by the City of Peterborough to develop a 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan that lays out a vision that will shape the City’s leadership in the housing and homelessness sectors, from 2014-2024.

The housing and homelessness plan reflects local needs and provincial interests as required by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, under provincial legislation.

Peterborough’s Plan contains twenty commitments that are organized by four themes that align along a continuum of housing and homelessness.

The Plan takes into consideration rural and urban perspectives, as needs and opportunities may be different. Performance measures are proposed to monitor progress over the next ten years. Financial and staff resources from senior governments and municipalities will be required to fulfill many of the commitments.

The Plan provides the vision to help establish priorities and to access funding opportunities as they may arise, over the next 10 years.