Ridgeford Charitable Foundation

About the Project

Ridgeford Charitable Foundation has developed a 12 storey, 186-unit apartment building. Consisting of a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. Rents are affordable, with rents no greater than the CMHC average market rent for the City of Toronto.

Ridgeford Charitable Foundation was able to refinance its existing rental property to help make this project financially viable, assisted by City of Toronto municipal Incentives.

TWC’s Role

  • Liaison with City Planning staff & City’s Housing Services Division - City of Toronto
  • Business plan and associated services development, Ministerial Consent process
  • Coordinating environmental studies, a geo-tech study and other various studies
  • Co-ordinated with architect, engineers, contractors and various consultants on this project
  • Worked closely with Ridgeford Board of Directors on project budget
  • Accessed CMHC’s low interest rental construction loan program