In addition to undertaking policy research on affordable home ownership,  TWC is affiliated with Creating Homes. Creating Homes is a non-profit corporation that produces market affordable homes through a development model that makes home ownership achievable for individuals and families.

Creating Homes works closely with municipalities, architects, urban planners, builders and community representatives to ensure that our homes are built in vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods.  We are staffed by experts in the housing industry and who have successfully created neighbourhoods across Ontario. Creating Homes supports the development of environmentally and socially sustainable communities that provide the basis for households to create family equity and have positive social impact.

Creating Homes developments are built according to local needs and requirements.  All have been designed to reduce ownership costs to make them affordable. Furthermore, the quality, scale and sustainability support the long term success of the buildings as part of their local community.

Creating Homes strongly believes that home ownership is one of the most effective ways for families to build equity.

Link to Creating Homes website: